Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Quiet Saturday

After 10 BLESSED hours of sleep (I usually average 6-7) I got up....took care of Louuie & Mackie and headed out to George's Kitchen on Triskett for breakfast. George's is the BEST, HOT, FAST & FRESH breakfast in town. You can't beat it but if anyone has a better place just let me know and I will try it out....or WE can try it out...I'm up for anything these days. A VERY good friend (Thanks, Arlette) gave me some advise not too long ago which I kinda discounted at the time...she said "Don't limit yourself, Barbara" and I have thought of that and tried to follow that ever since. I intend not to limit myself in whatever I am thinking or planning....whatever is possible IS possible.

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