Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer in Cleveland

Summer in Cleveland
Summer has arrived in Cleveland with a vengeance! 94 degrees yesterday for Memorial Day made the streets shimmer with heat and the backyard pool a welcome respite. We ALL had to keep dunking to try to keep from overheating all afternoon....even the dogs. Mackie played all day with his buddies: Brock, Lily, Lola, Darla Mae, Cafe and Zeus.....he was glad to get home to his quiet house, tho.......

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where has the Spring gone?

Where has the Spring gone? Wow! Is it May 10th already? I have completely forgotten about my blog (well...not entirely but have neglected it just the same). I bought a bike (no...NOT a Harley...what IS it with you guys? That's what everybody asks me....do I LOOK like a biker-chick?). A nice new, comfy but sweet Jamis and have been racking up some miles. I reFUSE to gain back the weight that I have lost thru whatever reason....grief, stress, worry....whatever....it is not coming back! (Just sayin'). So...here I am....I need to pay more attention to you guys and less on my own pathetic life....more to come.